Jiuxian Village

About 20 minutes drive or 40 minutes by bike, Jiuxian Village is quietly located on the bank of the Yulong River. With green hill behind, rice fields and rivers in front, the village used to be really locked out of the modern world. Years ago a narrow road was opened between the hills which connects the villages and Yangshuo prosperity.
The villagers are mostly named with a family name called Li, which was their ancestors’ name. What the locals are proud of are 3 things:
1. Their outstanding ancestor. Some of them got great achievements and honor in ancient China.
2. One ancestor was a famous anti-Japanese general in 1930s.
3. Their peaceful and grand homes although they are kind of decomposing.
Local villagers are nice and kind and now doing some business like selling water and food, and offer rafting service for tourists. Go to the village and tourists will see a peaceful village at the foot of hills, villagers’ memorial hall, former residence of the general and the grand houses their ancestors handed down.
Open time: 24X7 (better visit in day time)
Price: free (but better prepare tips like 10yuan or buy some small things)
Only car drive or bikes to it, not coaches.
About 20 minutes drive or 40 minutes by bike.

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