Fuli Village

It takes 20 minutes to drive to Fuli Village from Yangshuo or you can ride a bike to it. Fuli used to be a fishing village and people lived on fishing and waterway transfers. Nowadays with the progress of urbanization and tourism, villagers are ingaged in many business, including farming, building materials, fruits growing, tourism and bamboo and paper fans making.
It normally takes about one hour for tourists to walk around in the village. There is an old street where some people still live in the home that their grandparents handed down and it seems some families are engaged in fans making business. The fans are very popular in Yangshuo and they are one of the popular suveniors. Tourists can also take a boat ride from Yangshuo to Fuli Village which local villagers offer. Also there are some “farmers artists” here who can draw beautiful water paintings that can be used for fans too. There are some days in a month when the local market is open where local villagers go for food shopping and trade.
Open time: 24X7
Price: free
Drive from Yangshuo: 20 minutes
Biking from Yangshuo: 40 minutes
Boat ride from Yangshuo: one hour

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