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Yangshuo Cooking School
Learn to cook Chinese food in either our traditional Chinese farmhouse in the beautiful coutryside just outside Yangshuo or right on Li River in Yangshuo in Guangxi Province. Explore the local cuisine including a tour of the Yangshuo market to learn about the ingredients used in this area. You can choose from two courses offered on consecutive days. All courses are hands on so that you will be able to reproduce real Chinese food when you return home.
The Yangshuo Cooking School offers you the opportunity to learn how to cook real Chinese food in a traditional setting. We have two locations. Our Yangshuo school is right on the banks of the beautiful Li River with gorgeous views over the river and the karst scenery. Our original school is located in the village of Chao Long, about 5km from Yangshuo. Chao Long is a traditional farming village and the School is housed in a renovated mud brick farmers house.
The Yangshuo Cooking School is the combination of the talents of Pam Dimond, Leo Wu and Kelly Huang.
Pam is passionate about food, travel and the fast disappearing traditional-peasant-architecture of Yangshuo. After many years running a successful catering business in Sydney, she felt the urge to travel in China. She now lives in a renovated mudbrick courtyard-house in Chaolong village, next to the cooking school.
Leo is the manager of both schools. He comes from Mangshi,Yunnan Province where the local Chinese food is influenced by Burmese cuisine. Very delicious and hot and spicy. He came to Yangshuo to study English and fell in love with Yangshuo and Kelly and decided to stay. He is an amusing and patient teacher with excellent English skills.
Kelly is a partner in the school on the Li River and comes from Guangxi Province. Her grandfather was a famous local chef in He Chi City and Kelly studied under him from the age of 15. She is a wealth of information about local food and a fabulous cook. She also speaks excellent English.
Chinese cuisine is one of the world's most famous cuisines with a history of thousands of years and with distinctive regional differences. The cuisine of Guanxi Province is simple but extremely tasty using the amazing variety of food that is produced in this fertile area.
Yangshuo Cooking School offers you the opportunity to learn how to cook real local food with our skilled and friendly teachers who love to impart the stories and secrets of Chinese cuisine in a friendly fun atmosphere.
We emphasise a teaching style based on actually doing rather than watching.
We will take you shopping in the local markets to learn about the ingredients that we use in our dishes. After cooking five dishes we will eat the meal together and informally explore Chinese culture and customs.
Yangshuo Cooking School
Chao Long
Guangxi Province
Yangshuo Cooking School at Riverside
Bingjiang Road
Guangxi Rrovince

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